Weather app Concept

This UX concept is based on the native iOS Weather app by Apple. Currently, Weather app on iPhone looks great and gives us many infortmations: current and predicted air temperature, chance of rain, humidity, wind, pressure, UV index and more.


Let's try to make the Weather app more useful. According to the philosophy that your phone can be your virtual assistant.


Huge group of iOS users. 2 personas in particular: people commuting to work or school on a daily basis.

Design team

1 UX/UI Designer.



From interviews with several people in my environment I learned that many people use apps to check air pollution in parallel with the Weather app.

I did some benchmarking of other weather apps and websites. I have also checked few Air Quality apps.

Finally, I have written down features that could be implemented in Weather app and compared how similar features are handled in other iOS native apps to make the final design consistent with other system apps in iOS.


Sketch, official Apple iOS UI Library, SF Symbols.


Having many ideas, benchmarks and ready to use resources, design process of few iterations took just a few hours.


The visual result is not far from the original. As for the user experience, there are 2 major changes.

Weather app - air quality

Air Quality

Having Air Quality index in the Weather app (next to air temperature) would give us more important informations at the first glance.

Weather app - notifications icon


Weather app could also have notifications built into the app. Single tap on the bell icon could take us to a screen with some options.

Weather app - notifications' details screen

Here you could turn on notifications about umbrella or face mask. And set at what time the app should remind you about them. Let's say it will rain tomorrow. Your phone could tell you in the morning that you will need an umbrella that day.

Post scriptum

This project is just a small in-house R&D concept. In case of final product and bigger budget, more research should be done. Working prototype would need to be made and tested. And more use cases took into account.

Kris Slazinski

Kris Slazinski

UX Designer

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Thank you for reading!

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