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Design System

The future of digital products. Today

Design System is more usabale and better looking websites and applications. It's more satisfied users of your products. It's more profit and more rapid growth of your business.

Design System is not only a set of elements forming a website or application. It is also a set of rules according to which these elements form a coherent and well-functioning whole.

Atomic Design

In accordance with the Atomic Design concept, design system should be built from the simplest elements to more and more complex.


labels, buttons, inputs, links, icons, images


search forms, drop downs, menus


headers, footers, products list, search results


home page, gallery, product/event page, contact page

Triple win!
Users, your business, your team

Thanks to the Design System you will solve the biggest problems of digital products:

  • You will improve the UX of your pages and applications

    Consistent interface elements improve the usability of digital products and services.

  • You will reduce development and maintenance costs

    Thanks to the Design System you will have more reusable elements. Thanks to this, you will spend less time coding new elements on the page.

  • Your website and application will run faster

    Less code on a page means faster performance.

  • You will significantly reduce the number of errors on the website and in the application

    Less code means fewer errors. By correcting the code in one place, you will fix errors wherever this code was used.

  • You will improve the availability of your products

    The use of best practices on your website or application will increase the availability of your digital services and products. Design System will also raise your team's awareness of accessibility issues.

This is how your Design System can look like

When building a Design System, we prefer working in Sketch and InVision DSM.

What will we deliver:

  • UX audit

    regarding your current project

  • Component Library


  • Design System

    InVision DSM library

Depending on your needs, we can also prepare component libraries for projects in Axure, InVision Studio and ProtoPie.

Depending on your needs, we can also prepare component libraries for projects in Axure, InVision Studio and ProtoPie. We also have experience in building Design Systems based on Bootstrap.

The most successful companies use Design Systems.
Join them

Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Airbnb, Shopify, Atlassian, Mailchimp, Trello, Ubuntu, Duolingo. All these companies have Design Systems that help them improve their digital products and services.

Take your digital products and services to the next level!
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