Kris Slazinski

My name is Kris Slazinski. In 2009, I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. In 2010, I started my own business - the NEXT PLANET design studio. I have always been interested in graphics, animation and new technologies. My work is my passion, that's why the quality and customer satisfaction are always a priority for me.


NEXT PLANET is a small company. It does not mean small possibilities. When it's necessary, other designers and developers assist me with larger projects. I work only with experts in their fields, freelancers and companies that provide services at the highest level. Thanks to the small structure, NEXT PLANET can also compete on prices with larger companies.


NEXT PLANET is not only about business. It is a passion. Both me and my colleagues want to change the world for the better thanks to digital products that make life easier for people. We want to design the best user experience. Make people work easier. We want to change our surroundings for the better by creating sophisticated visual identification systems. We want the internet to look and function better. That the websites are easier to use and more accessible. To make apps on smartphones perform their tasks better and to allow more people to use them. The pursuit of a better world through creativity and digital products is in our DNA.


We work for small, medium and large companies. Among our customers are:

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