UX Audit

Rapid improvement of User Experience

UX audit is one of the cheapest and fastest methods of UX assessment. During the audit, we will help you find the most important problems with the usability of your website or application.

We will show you the simplest and fastest solutions to the problems encountered, which will help you improve the usability of your product instantly.

UX Audit in 3 steps

This is a simplified process of working on the UX Audit:


We want to know your business assumptions, the purpose of your website/app, its users and the context of use.


In the course of expert analysis, we play the role of the user. We list the problems we encountered.


We divide the found errors according to their weight and propose the simplest and most effective solutions.

UX Audit Components

When conducting an audit, we primarily examine the following issues:

  • Navigation

    Navigation and information architecture should be intuitive.

  • User flows

    Are the tasks that users have to perform easy? Don't they require too many steps and screens?

  • Cohesion

    Is the product consistent with generally accepted conventions? Is it internally consistent - similar functionalities have similar interfaces?

  • Graphics and animation

    Does the site visually inspire trust? Is it graphically consistent and legible? Do animations support UX and aren't chaotic?

  • Accessibility

    Is the website or app accessible? Is it readable for people with visual impairments?

Optionally, we can extend the survey to include CX, e.g. by checking what email communication with your users looks like, how customer service works or the complaint process. We can also perform a UX analysis of your competition.

Sample report pages:

We focus on efficiency. We prioritize the errors found so that you know what to fix first. We offer a solution for every problem - the simplest and quickest to implement.

What will we deliver:

  • Cognitive analysis

    Scenario based tests. We will check the most important functionalities of your product.

  • Heuristic evaluation

    Check-list usability based on Nielsen heuristics

Who we worked with

We've already done UX audits for companies such as:

logo Fortum logo Orange logo Śnieżka logo Native Instruments logo Amica

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